Lindsay Caldicott: 1956- 2014

Lindsay was based for the most part of her life in Leicester England, it was here she started her career as a therapeutic radiographer, witnessing the intimate and often brutal procedures of a bygone medical era. Her role in a radiotherapy department called for a method of working that relied on precision and fine detail. This characteristic remained with her and can be seen in the meticulous way in which she constructed her collages.

It was in her thirties that Lindsay suddenly had the tables turned on her, as she went from being nurse to patient. The abuse she suffered at an early age finally took its toll, leading her to spend many years in and out of mental institutions.

At the age of 40 Lindsay returned to a long-held passion: art.

Her experience of a disregard for personal boundaries as a child forever fed her work, from the snapshot images that form her collages, to the repetitive methods that lead to their construction – a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).


Lindsay is now represented by:

Christian Berst Art Brut,  Paris

lindsay caldicott : x ray memories

samedi 13 octobre de 18 à 21h 
saturday october 13 from 6 to 9 pm

First gallery exhibition of Lindsay's mysterious and haunting photocollages .
In the monographic catalogue published by the gallery, critic Marc Lenot compares the repetitive and fragmented process of his work with the work of Moholy Nagy and Man Ray.